Activities to unite the team spirit of all member of YSL Group

On November 25, YSL Group held a 2-day-1-night trip at Hidden Charm Hotel Ninh Binh for YSL Day November. The trip was not only a relaxing time to put aside the work, but also created a bond connection among all members of the YSL family.

YSL Day is a monthly activity for all employees of YSL Group. Thanks to the Board of Directors, YSL Day in November with its topic Young, was held in 2 days, November in Ninh Binh. With a lot of  fun activities and tour visits to famous destinations in Ninh Binh, it can be seen that the spiritual life of employees has always been given special attention by the Board of Directors. The trip was a gift of gratitude to the dedication of all members of YSL Group.

The rainy weather could not extinguish the enthusiastic spirit of YSL Group’s employees in all team building activities. Especially, the presence of Mr. Kwak Il Hwan – Vice Chairman of YSL Group and Mr. Shim Shang Moon – CEO of YSL Group, has increased everyone’s excitement.

At the beginning of Team building, the vibrant and youthful melodies of the flashmob “Sharing every moment (Sẻ chia từng khoảnh khắc)” heated up the atmosphere and also was a warm-up for all employees.

4 teams playing with 4 distinct colors: yellow, pink, green and blue, competed against each other in exciting games: YSL Quiz game, Game of Loops and Tug of war.

Vice-Chairman of YSL Group, Mr. Kwak Il Hwan shared, “We are like a family with many members, gathered together to participate in this trip. I’m very touched that we have a very close relationship with each other.” Through YSL Day November with the participation of all employees of YSL Group, this is a very special occasion for the company, affirming the Group’s position and growing day by day.