As a global company, we understand that each of our activities and strategies represents the cultural image of the country.

As an international enterprise, we have a deeper understanding of preserving the identity of our nation. That’s why we always follow the most standard values ​​from Korean culture in dealing with our partners and customers:



Since 2017, when first step foot in Vietnam, YSL Group – represented by Chairman Lee Gong Myung has realized the extremely strong potential that is still open. That potential has aroused in YSL Group’s leadership the excitement of building and becoming a part of the Vietnamese economy. We hope that we could use our resourse to explore the development potential of Vietnam. We are not only an investor exploiting profits, but also we commit to contribute to Vietnam growth by developing international standard and effective projects.

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YSL Group - a global investment company, always looks forward to accompanying the Vietnam development. We aim to be a centuries-old company that can constantly bring value and profit for our customers. YSL Group will show a reliable, dynamic and enthusiastic coropation. Leading mindset in bilateral exchanges and contributing prosperity to Vietnamese society, we aspire to become the best investor in Vietnam. With experience operating in many countries around the world, we understand that to achieve sustainable development over the years, not only focus on economic profit but also focus on responsibility to the community & society. YSL Group want to become a leader in activities to develop and build a better community and society.

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Beside the professionalism at work, company culture is also focused by YSL Group. To improve the spiritual life of the officers and employees, many internal activities were organized such as employee's birthday, group dance and YSL Day. YSL Day is an exciting activity every month, creating cohesion in the team. With a lot of topics and activities such as: physical activity at Jump Arena, tips on overcoming "office ailments", leadership classes, etc. YSL Day is always the most anticipated and special occasion of the month.

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People are the most valuable asset of an organization. We consider the human factor as the foundation: “Talent is valued - team spirit is enhanced - Exemplary and bright are known as the personal qualities of a leader”.


Human resource training is a top priority. We understand developing human resources quality is a prerequisite for us to be able to compete in business. We always create favorable conditions for each individual to develop their career. And at the same time, we builds professional teams. All employees in the YSL Group have the opportunity to attend professional training courses according to the requirements and specific needs.


YSL Group always helps all employees to have opportunities to demonstrate their own capacity, demonstrate their management and leadership abilities by building a clear promotion roadmap. We also create a healthy competitive environment for vacant management positions as well as perfecting the policy of attracting talent.