Gala dinner of YSL Day November – An elegant and impressive night in Ninh Binh!

It is YSL Day, but it is a very special YSL Day this November!

YSL Day is a monthly activity for all employees of YSL Group. Especially with the favor of the Board of Directors, YSL Day November – Young, was held in 2 days, November 25th and 26th in Ninh Binh. The Gala dinner is an important part of the YSL Day November, with the key of the party being YSL’s Day King & Queen contest. And to raise the excitement and competition for the contest, the Board of Directors decided to announce the prize for the winning couple was 10 million VND.

Different from the formality and neatness in the office, members of the YSL family brought to the Gala dinner completely new images: luxurious suits and elegant prom dresses.

All couples had excellent performances in the contest. The opening is the catwalk part having many strong personalities and a lot of sense of humor.

All employees of YSL Group had happy moments and raised a toast together to congratulate the achievements.

Birthday party for employees is one of the main activities on every YSL Day.

The atmosphere becomes more vibrant than ever when the Sway song is turned on. Everyone was free to dance and shake off all the pressure on every dance step.

Many impressive talent shows were prepared by the members and couples, spreading joy and excitement to the hall that evening.

At the end of the Gala dinner, the representative of the Board of Directors awarded to the winning couple of YSL’s King & Queen – Thu Huong and Duc Thanh and all teams participating in Team building.

Closing the Gala dinner full of laughter and happiness, YSL family members really bonded together, created many beautiful memories, and contributed to grow YSL Group stronger and stronger in the future.